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About Us

Our events are first and foremost social events, come along, chat, chill out, snuggle with your friends in rubber, get photos of your new outfits, have a drink, have a play and finally, have a good time!

Frequency Of Events:

We are aiming to have these events running quarterly throughout the year, we will list all booked future dates HERE! – make sure you bookmark these in your diary. We aim to hold the events on a Saturday and between 12pm and 6pm, we may arrange dinner groups and other activities after the event has concluded on the day.

Market Place:


We aim to have a small market place in each event, selling rubbery accessories, clothing and other items. If you are interested in exhibiting your rubbery items for sale, please Contact Us!


Dress Code:


The dress code is simply rubber, it will generally need to be some kind of 50%+ coverage outfit, we are not insisting on full coverage or full suits but those are extremely welcome. Inflatable latex is welcome too!


Polishing Station:


We are aiming to have someone on hand with specialist latex shiner in case you need your clothing shined up and made glossy! (Currently no charge for this but donations welcome)


Play Equipment:


We are providing latex play accessories, such as vac beds/cubes, stocks and other equipment. It will vary on

each event. We are also accepting donations for equipment to be brought out and used at future events. If you have excess playroom kit, we’ll collect and bring out each event.



We will be providing a photographer for a small photo area, studio quality lighting and backdrops to provide a free photography service (Currently no charge for this but donations welcome)


Founders & Staff:


The founder of the Event, RubberFroggy will be on hand at each event and can be contacted HERE if you have any suggestions or feedback. RubberFroggy has been in the rubber communities for over 15+ years and have an understanding of what you want from a rubber event!