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The Stage Door, 78 West Marlands Road, Southampton City Centre, SO14 7FW

PARKING: There are parking sites literally a few minutes walk such as HERE or on-street parking, etc)
COACH: National Express coach terminal is only a few minutes walk)
TRAINS: The venue is also only a few minutes walk from Southampton Central train station)

CHANGING FACILITIES – There are generous toilet facilities and a ‘green room’ behind the stage if you would prefer to change into your rubber when you arrive, talc and dressing aid is available if requested!


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want to drop off heavy bags or cases before parking, we will be at the venue an hour before opening, please feel free to head up and drop bags and cases off so you can park without lugging it all back. You are welcome to also leave bags/cases and then retrieve your car as well. No need to sweat!


Event Rules:

  1. Over 18’s only (ID may be required)
  2. Dress Code, The dress code is rubber & neoprene, you can come in normal gear to change into and out of gear, but as its a rubber event, please remember that.
  3. Although all safety measures are in place, play is at your own risk, and the event cannot take responsibility for any damage or loss to personal items or injury.
  4. No adult nudity is allowed, i.e. don’t have it on show or get it out, likewise for the ladies! Save that for the bedroom!
  5. No non-consensual contact, repeat infringement will result in removal from the event and possible bans
  6. Rubber Social is a non-sexual event, while physical contact is expected, this does not constitute permission to sexual conclusion and anyone found breaching this will be removed from the event and possible bans
  7. No aggressive, violent or shaming behaviour. Rubber Social is a drama-free community!
  8. Personal photos are allowed but do not post any photos that contain other guests faces without permission.
  9. Don’t be a twat, we’re all here to have a good time!