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Code Of Conduct


Rubber social is a welcoming space for all and we do not tolerate any kinds of phobic, intolerant, or hateful language towards any individual or group. This is true outside of our events as well as during them.

  • NO Drama and Bullshit, leave this at the door
  • NO nudity (unless changing in designated areas)
  • NO Sexual intercourse
  • NO Oral
  • NO Insertable tails or plugs

You are responsible for your behaviour. No exceptions. No excuses.

We expect all attending RS to respect the venues that host our events and follow any rules they request, in addition to these rules.

RS reserves the right to ask anyone to leave any event we host. This decision is at the discretion of the event organisers and will be final.


18+ events, please be prepared to show ID as proof of age upon attendance.

RS hosts drug-free events and as such if you are found to be taking illegal drugs at our events or are under their influence whilst in attendance, you will be asked to leave the event.

We expect those attending RS to be aware of their own alcohol tolerance. If your behaviour is deemed inappropriate or problematic due to intoxication you will be asked to leave. This is at the staffs discretion.

Staff have the final say on any issue raised at our events.
Cooperation with the staff of the venue and RS staff is required.


18+ events, please be prepared to show ID as proof of age upon attendance.

The London Hotel is a public venue and the general public will be accessing the venue at all times during the gathering, so if you wear fetish gear, ensure it is Safe For Work and nothing you would not be allowed to wear in public.

No Inappropriate behaviour or actions are allowed and the venue staff will ask those who cause problems to leave the venue and you will also be barred from attending the main RubberSocial events if the breach is serious enough.


If any of the above rules are broken, you may be asked to correct your behaviour or outfit, given a warning or banned from RS at organisers discretion ( semi permanent- permanent).

If you believe someone to have broken one of the above rules, please come speak to a staff member.

We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the event based on the above rules, or any other issues, and decisions can be made with the organisers’ discretion.