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VIP Membership

Thats right, we are now offering an annual VIP membership! The price covers entrance to all annual events including the party nights! Thats at least 4 events a year, with the price of annual membership at £40, thats already a £20 saving! See below for the benefits of becoming a VIP!

To purchase a VIP membership immediately, click the buy link below!

Annual VIP RubberSocial Membership

Annual VIP RubberSocial Membership


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(The front and rear of the membership card is illustrated above!)

Sooo….what do you get for being a VIP member?

  • A special plastic card (CC size!) with an embossed unique member number.Image result for logo
  • A lanyard & card holder so you can wear your VIP card with pride at events.
  • No need to pay on the door.
  • Freebies during the year.
  • A 10% Discount at RubberPigs.
  • Lots of love from us and our staff for supporting our social events.
  • Saving on entry cost annually based on RRP.


Memberships are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase (with a minimum of 4 events being covered during this period). For any questions about the membership Contact Us.